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The Diamond Collection

Offering cigar aficionados the quintessential range of flavors, The Diamond Collection is blended from single tobaccos aged for a minimum of 5 years.

The perfection of this Collection lies in the rigorous selection of its wrappers: shiny, dark & stain-free. Slender & long cigars boast an...

The Luxus Collection

Known for its vintage tobacco, The Luxus Collection consists of nine tobacco lines aged from 5 to 15 years, & matured for a year or less..

This minimalistic Collection includes some of El Septimo’s best sellers, such as the X-Trem Shot: the world’s smallest cigar. Cigars have a refined aroma with a velvety smoke, & are known for their...

The Travel Time Collection

The Travel Time Collection features the limited edition Paris & New York Cigars, giving tribute to the most famous cities in the world.

Both cigars are wrapped in a dark Maduro & oily cape, and are blended with a complex balance of tobacco. Medium-bodied cigars consist of short-filler leaves & undergo a lengthy process that...

The Alexandra Collection

El Septimo’s latest line that has gained worldwide media coverage.

Cigars are designed and blended exclusively for women after intensive market research, testing, & blending techniques, fitting women’s preferences in regards to flavor, size, strength, smoothness, aroma, & combustion. The Collection offers light to...

The Gilgamesh Collection

The Gilgamesh Collection is El Septimo’s latest addition and offers the first 50-gauge cigars part of the brand.

Symbolizing one of the oldest stories written into existence based on the historical records of Assyrian King Gilgamesh, this collection provides a unique tasting experience while focusing on the strength, flavor, aroma, and combustion of the cigar...
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