Only the products shown in the online sales pages are likely to be ordered.

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SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA is a registered trademark and registered.  It enjoys a legal protection.  Therefore, it should not be used by any other person, natural or legal other than its owner.   

The photographs depicting the products are not part of the agreement.  If any error occurs, the SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA Company will not be held responsible in any way.

1. Scope of Terms and Conditions of sale and conclusion of agreement

1.1 These terms and conditions of sale are solely applicable to the sales agreements concluded between the private customers and the firms through the exclusive website of SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA.  They govern the contractual relationship between the SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA Company and its customer while both the parties accept them without any reservation.   They will prevail on all other terms and conditions appearing in any other document.

1.2 The customers may read carefully the terms and conditions of sales on Internet.  While placing the order through Internet the customers will confirm that they are informed about the terms and conditions of sales and specifically declare to accept them without any reservation.

2. Order and order confirmation

2.1 The system of automatic registration is regarded as being worth proof of nature, contents and date of placing the order.

2.2 While placing the order the buyer acknowledges unconditionally to have carefully read the terms and conditions of sales and accepts them.

2.3 In the event of the customer’s insolvency, SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA reserves the right to cancel the order altogether.

2.4 Each customer will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the order by email to the email address he had provided.  Thereafter, when the payment is cleared, an order confirmation will be mailed to the same email address.

2.5 An order confirmation will be sent to the customer by email within a maximum period of 10 days as soon as the payment is cleared.   If the confirmation is not received within a period of 10 working days, the buyer must consider this as rejection of the order.

2.6 The sale will be considered as having been concluded effective from dispatch of the order confirmation and receipt of payment of the amount of the order through the secured payment system of its website.

2.5 The SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA Company reserves the right to cancel any order of a customer with whom it has a dispute regarding a previous order.

2.6 The information stated by the buyer at the time of placing the order will be binding upon the buyer.  In the event of any error occurs in the addressee’s details or in the order of the equipment itself, the buyer will not be held responsible for failure to deliver the products or failure to assemble the equipments ordered by the customer.  

3. Prices

3.1 The prices are indicated in Swiss Francs.  So the invoices are also raised in Swiss Francs.  However, on request, the seller offers the possibility of issuing Invoices in Euro and invoicing the order in Euro.

3.2 The prices shown in the final order sheet are the final prices of the goods, without delivery charges, customs charges and other taxes which will be due in connection with the country of destination and excluding Swiss VAT. 

3.3 The supplier reserves the right to change the prices at any time.  Those prices applicable to the customer will be those appearing on the website on the date of the order.

3.4 The prices shown in the website do not include transport costs of the goods or customs tax or other taxes or VAT. 

4. Delivery

4.1 Generally, for Switzerland, the delivery (storage facility of the goods near the post office) is made latest within 10 days upon receipt of the payment.  If a longer period is required, the customer will be informed by email.

4.2 For the countries of the European Union, a 20 days’ period may be required.  If a longer delivery time is required, the customer will be informed about it after that deadline.

4.3 For the deliveries outside of Switzerland, the volume is limited to two boxes with 25 packages each.

4.3 If the information provided by the customer is found inaccurate, our Company will not be held responsible for failure of delivery and adherence to the deadlines.  In case of delivery problems with the post office, our Company will not be responsible in any way.

4.4 All orders placed to the SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA Company are meant for personal use of the customers and partial or total resale of the products is prohibited.

4.5Any eventual delay in delivery does not gives right to the buyer to claim damages and interests.

5. Import

5.1 When you place orders for the products on el-septimo.ch for delivery outside of Switzerland, you may be subject to the duties and taxes on import which will be levied when the packet reaches its destination.
Any additional custom charges will be at your expense; we have no control over theses charges.  Customs policies vary widely from one country to other country, and so for more information, you will have to contact your local customs office.

5.2 The customer will be solely responsible for all necessary measures for import of goods into its territory in conformity with the laws in vogue.  The customer will certify being a major, having the right and power to place order for the goods.  The customer will also certify to have been previously informed and assured that the order does not violate any provision of law in vogue in the country of delivery or the buyer’s home and that all the information provided are correct.

The protection of your privacy is important to us and we draw attention of our international customers to the fact that the cross-border deliveries may likely to be opened and inspected by the customs authorities.

6. Right to return

6.1 The buyer should examine the goods at the time of its receipt.  The customer service may be contacted at +41 (0)22 301 41 46 from Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 17-oo hours. The hidden defects must be reported within 7 days from the receipt of the goods. After this period, it will be considered that the customer is satisfied with the products delivered and renounces his right under the conditions provided in this document.

6.3 In case of defects, the Company, after reporting of the same by the customer and return of the goods by the customer not later than 10 days after receipt of the goods, date as per postmark, will replace those defective articles and will bear the cost of redelivery of the goods but at most at the same price of the previous shipping cost as well as the cost of dispatching the replacement delivery.  The buyer will not make any claim for damages.

6.4 All those considered as force majeure liberate the seller about his obligation to deliver especially in case of wars, riots, fires, earthquakes, storms, floods and other natural disasters, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied. The goods are shipped at the risk of the recipient.   On receipt of the goods and in case of degradation of those articles or for any missing elements, it may be attributed to the transporter’s liability, and it will prevail as the transporter’s legal terms and conditions.

6.5 If the delivery is made in several parcels due to delivery conditions of the transporter, the customer will agree to pay additional shipping charges.

7. Right to withdraw

7.1 The customers may cancel the purchase agreement within 7 days by registered letter exclusively under Swiss law in vogue. This right may be exercised from the date when the customer places the order through Internet to the Company.  After the cancellation period of 7 days, the order will be considered as final.

7.2 In case of use of the right to withdraw under the above noted conditions, the repayment will be due within a maximum period of 15 days after the notification of withdrawal, provided the customer indicates specifically the elements for which the repayment may be made at the time of withdrawal,.

  1. Payment

8.1 The customer will pay for the goods at the time of placing the order by credit card or bank card or bank transfer directly through the website of SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA.  No other mode of payment will be allowed.  Only bank card or credit card shown by the secured payment system will be allowed.

8.2 The payment will be made via a secured payment server.

8.3 If the payment can’t be collected via secured payment server mentioned in the site, the order will be considered void.  Similarly, in case of refusal of the secured payment server, the order will be cancelled altogether.

9. Liability and warranty

9.1 The warranty on our products will be limited only to the defects related to the products which will be redelivered.

  1. Responsibility for online connections and data protection

10.1 The customers will be under an obligation to ensure safety of the programs, systems and data found in their field of influence.  The customers, for their own interests, should not disclose their passwords and usernames to the third parties.  

10.2 The supplier will not be held liable for defects and faults for which he is not responsible; in particular, he will not be liable for security defects and operational failures caused by the third parties with whom he works or on whom he relies on.

10.3 On the other side, the supplier will not be held liable in case of force majeure, inappropriate behavior and non-compliance of risks by the customers or the third parties,   overloading, improper means of operation by the client or the third parties, extreme cases of pollution, any breach caused by the customer or by the third parties (fungi, worms, etc.) that may occur in spite of taking all security measures consistent with the actual technical condition.

10.4 The customer gives his consent to the personal data that he has provided as part of his contractual relation with the Company being saved by the SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA.

10.5 The customer’s personal data are saved only for the purpose of facilitating the purchase of new articles by the customer and in order to ensure smooth running of commercial transaction (Art. 4, Para 3 of LDP). The customer’s personal data will be treated as confidential and protected (Art. 7 of LDP).  In no case, these data will not be transmitted to the third parties.

10.6 The Company is committed to comply with the rules in the matter of data protection.

11. Applicable law and place for jurisdiction

11.1 This agreement is governed by Swiss law.  The SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA Company will not be held responsible for the damages of any kind for tangible or intangible property, which could result from improper use or misuse of the commercial products.  It will also be similar for possible modifications of the products allegedly made by the purchaser.   

11.2 The liability of the SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA, in any event, will be limited to the amount in Swiss Franc for the order and can’t be called into question for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all precautions taken during the presentation of the products.

11.3 In case of dispute, an amicable solution to the problem will be sought before taking any legal recourse.

11.4 The jurisdiction in any dispute will be in Geneva in Switzerland, the Geneva courts will have exclusive jurisdiction subject to an appeal to the Federal Court in Lausanne.

SEPTIMO CONCEPT SA, nevertheless reserves the right to sue the buyer at its place of domicile.  

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These terms and conditions are valid from 24 April 2014.