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El Septimo's triple torch cigar lighters are perfect for every cigar aficionado. With an ergonomic grip design perfect for one-handed use and an adjustable flame, this design is both sleek and slim.

Cigar Cutters 

Make a statement with an elegant pair of double blades or punch cutters. With self-sharpening double blades that cuts cigars clean and with precision, these cutters are functional, practical, and stylish.


El Septimo marble humidors are installed with a unique humidification system. Humidors hold up to 25-50 cigars depending on the ring gauge, and offer a secure seal to insure proper humidity.


Other El Septimo accessories include hats, shirts, backpacks, and duffle bags. Become an El Septimo member and indulge in all of our products.

Ash Trays

  El Septimo's ceramic ashtrays are the perfect statement piece. The stylish designs are simple, but elegant, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Non-slip designs on the bottom make this a perfect addition to your home, office, garden, and more!  

Cigar Cases  

These El Septimo portable travel leather cigar cases provide a wooden interior for an excellent aroma and moisture retention. The beautiful packaging holds various sizes of cigars, and is the perfect place to store your cigars, at home or on-the-go. The durable packaging is perfect for keeping your cigars in good condition.  
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